Navigation lights ground reflection missing

In all aircraft, the green, red and white navigation lights reflection on ground at night are missing.

I suspect work is currently being done on particals and likely, effects, so this issue may well soon be addressed

Yeah. Hopefully aircraft lights and effects are not final. My biggest gripe is (with most aircraft as far as I can tell), the landing lights on other aircraft are not bright like in real life. For example, if you’re on the ground near an airport at night, you can see the nearly blinding lights on incoming aircraft. In the sim, the landing light just looks like a simple white light instead of the intense light it should be.

Isn’t this already implemented? Swear I saw it on planes. Most notably the CRJ. Or did aerosoft a nice trick?

Is it? Will have to check the sim later (unless you beat me to it)!
I know some things like the moon reflections haven’t worked in the past.

Hi there, I don’t know if this wasn’t available in September 2020, but it is now.

If I misinterpreted anything, please let me know, if you ever return to the forums. In the meantime, I am marking this as resolved.

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