Navigation map doesn't update

Details: PC, Steam, Add-ons = citation longitude mod and G3000, no developer mode

Issue: Navigation map does not update with the aircraft’s position. It just shows the aircraft in the same spot. If I toggle something on the flight computer, and go back to the nav map, it will update my position… but it will continue to not update.

Having same issue here. I have brought issue up both on discord and here. I sure hope this gets addressed either in upcoming hot patch or nest sim update. Makes flying un-enjoyable. Are you flying the TBM?

I usually fly the Longitude, but noticed the same problem in the TBM.
Are you using the Garmin mod?

I’m using the Working Title G3000 mod. And, I’m flying the TBM. There are others experiencing this issue as well. I’m praying it gets resolved. Not nearly as much fun flying with the stock G3000.

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Yes I think it is even stated in the mods release notes.

To my best knowledge WT currently focuses on the G1000Nxi which serves as a prototype to replace the bugged in sim flight planner / AP and ultimately will improve the G3000.

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It should be cleaned Rolling Cashe and it should be ok after rebooting…

What is stated in release notes?