Navigraph decent help

does navigraph have any decent waypoints

All of their nav data is provided by Jeppesen.

in general yes, we use the most accurate worldwide database directly from Jeppesen. But to answer your question correctly and to verify it, it would be good to have an example. Have you one for us?

Thank you

Given the name of the topic and the amount of new-to-flightsim people with other first languages than english… could it be he means „descent waypoints“ and there is an understanding issue reg STARS or/and TOD?

It would make more sense IMO if the name of the thread was meant to be „Navigraph descent help“ :eyes:

Very good point Ephedrin87 a lot of people will be arriving soon on to MSFS and a fair % of those people do not understand SID and Stars its probably up to companies like Navigraph to provide a step by step tutorial on how to do a very simple route. The current videos on their You Tube channel are specifically for ‘simmers’ but there are more people who are interested in learning to fly via MSFS than there are simmers. Hasten to add this is not a criticism of Navigraph

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