Navigraph flight plans where are they saved

when you save a flight plan in navigraph where are they saved, to be uloaded to msfs later

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In Navigraph charts you can choose the place when you are exporting the .pln file.

where can you do that? not in settings ther e are no options there

When your plan is ready you can click on “Flights” (at the top), than export and choose the format. That’s for the app and not simbrief.

That I know but how do I controle which catalog the files are stored to.?

When you are clicking on the format the window where you can choose the directory will automatically pop up (after you have set the cruise altitude).

Navigraph is integrated into the sim now. You don’t need to save them; you can access them the same as you would if you were running the app separately. I’d recommend, however, saving each plan in a folder somewhere. I keep mine sorted by region, plane type, and AIRAC cycle for access later. Don’t forget that the AIRAC cycles change, so some of your plans may become obsolete and not work down the road.

I like to load them into the worldmap.

I do too. Just saying you don’t absolutely have to. I’d imagine that the integration will eventually make it to the map before the flight is launched. A lot of my older plans don’t work because of AIRAC changes, so you may want to refresh routes you fly often.