NAVLOG ok but GPS data missing

Today I wanted to load a saved game and I cannot get my GPS to show waypoints. I can see the waypoints in NAVLOG but GPS is completely blank. I thought it was only problem with my last save and I tried to load one older, previous to that one but same flight, which I used without problem just few hours ago and it is also broken.

What am I missing here, I didn’t change anything with the game so how come suddenly also previously working save is not working.

I suspect it is somehow related to live data and that is what messes up the game?

If anyone has an idea please help, I wasted quite some time on this flight would be sad to lose it.

EDIT: I saw someone posted similar problem and he resolved it with removing 3rd party add-ons but I have none. I just use liveries but even when removed it is same. For this plane I did not use them anyway.

I remember from a thread around a month ago someone asking a similar thing.

I think the answer was the way in which flights are saved. If you don’t choose to save the flight as a .PLN, it won’t save the waypoint data, so when you reload it, the Nav log shows the route, but the GPS has no data to display.

Might be worth doing a search.

If anyone has same problem this solved it for me: Loading saved flight

Now whenever I do some flight I just save everything from that folder and then exchange them as needed.

This works as well. It is maybe a little bit easier. What i do now most of the time if i want to save a flight, i copy all files from the cusomflight-folder and paste it in a folder together with my saved flight. If i now want to reload the flight i first load the normal saving file and then when it loaded i press esc and load the customflight.pln file for this file seperately. It is normally not shown, so you have to type in the hole file name in order to load it. After that, while still in the esc menu, i save the flight again and then continue the flight. Now everything should be working fine (maybe the flightplan needs a few seconds to load into the navigation system).

I think your reply was for the OP, but thanks.