NDA has Been lifted? (I talked to DEV's directly)

Hey all! I contacted the team directly about my Alpha NDA and they said that mine expired back on August 18th. (See email from the team below). Thoughts?
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That doesn’t mean you can talk about the alpha that means that since the 18th the day of release you can talk about the game not the alpha we was told that we shouldn’t talk about stuff from the alpha.

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or what? curious…

@DORRAGER is correct about the 18 August release and NDA on previous versions:

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That’s from 17 days ago tho - before the 18th

It is also the reason why non Alpha/Beta users can’t see the Alpha/Beta forums on the bottom of the main forum page.

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Mark my words your not allowed to talk about alpha everything after the 18th you can talk about as it’s not under NDA everything before the 18th is still under NDA.

Doesn’t bother me but don’t complain if you get banned from the forums or whatever other action they choose to take.
This is another case of people reading what they want to see or twisting it to suit.


NOTHING is for certain until we SEE IT POSTED directly from an OFFICIAL as an OFFICIAL Announcement.

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What did you actually ask support to get that reply?

…or they can sue your ■■■. Might be easier for not to try :slight_smile:

The “STOP” sign at the end of my road has been there over 20 years. But yet, I still stop at it. :grinning:

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To be honest I can’t see any benefit to talking about the alpha apart from to stir trouble.

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I’m honestly not interested in it either, I just wanted confirmation if anyone else heard from them too.

If a mod wants to delete this thread due to the confusion, I’d be happy/cool with it :wink:

As you should?

Sometimes I do a rolling stop. Yesterday had to wait for 18 head of Elk to walk by.

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We’ll be under NDA forever…

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As has already been stated above, let me reiterate. According to Microsoft’s direction in this post, the NDA for all Alpha/Closed Beta Testers remains in effect. Only discussion of the Release Version is approved for these forums.

As a consequence, this thread is being closed. Thank you.

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