(NDU registry change) Increase performance immediately! AMAZING!

You can also just bookmark this registry location as a Favorite in Regedit.


tested it changes nothing just a placebo EKCH 50FPS arrived at EDDL 20FPS MDR 32nx DEV.RTX 3080 Ryzen 3600x 32Ram Sim under Nvme 970More


There is a fix for those who are flying with a32nx. Open MCDU server and let it run in the background. This should help with stutters and some people says that after this they dont see decreased performance anymore.


Thank you, will try that too :slight_smile: Greets, Markus

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The first few flights with the regex edit were amazing with good FPS and next to no degredation in longer flights. Now the issue seems to have returned unfortunately. Over a flight of one hour, my FPS have reduced by 50%. I checked if the edit in regex was still there, and it is. Meaning I’m back where I started… I’m going to fly a few more flights to see if there is any pattern.

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Yep https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/pc-sim-update-8-stutter-with-addons/501913/155



Start the mcdu server.

Go to → community → flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo → MCDU SERVER

Double click server.exe


press N or Y key → press enter key.

No need to open the remote fmc on another device.

You’re very welcome.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing this! I have a 1GB ethernet connection and no data limit set in the game but I still saw a definite improvement. I cleared out the Community folder completely and did both long and short flights as a test before I changed the NDU.
It’s definitely resulted in improved visuals all round - it is much smoother and more fluid, and has allowed me to bump up the LOD sliders a tiny bit without becoming mainthread limited and re-introducing stutters.

Great find, thanks again!


Did not help me. FPS dropped from 40 down to 30 within 1.5 hrs. No pushback toolbar. LOD 105

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I don’t experience any benefit

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Made this change, but have not seen any difference in rate, however, I don’t normally fly longer than 3 hours… Also have 1+Gb download speed hard wired into the PC.

No change for me either

This is interesting, thanks for flagging

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Only if the ndu process would otherwise be running on a core also servicing MSFS. :sunglasses:

and beside of the placebo 0.000001% cpu load :wink:

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how are people getting 99% GPU usage?? My GPU is only at 70% and I have an RTX 2060, I’ve tried everything to force the game to use my GPU more and reduce CPU load. The registry edit didn’t do anything .

3090 here too and the ndu fix worked for me really well

What is your resolution?
My rtx2060super is always 100% utilized but I’m on a 3440x1440 which is hard to push for this gpu.

I’m on 1080p, but with resolution scaling maxed out or not my simulator always shows limited by mainthread no matter what I do. And my CPU and GPU both are not even 100% utilized so I don’t know why it says “limited”. My sim has always ran like ■■■■ (20-30fps) after doing many tweaks that I could find on these forums, I gave up already. I have an intel i7 6700 (non-K) with RTX 2060 and 32GB of RAM if you’re curious.

Your CPU may likely be the culprit.I had a similar issue with an older gen i5 non k paired with my 2060super I would barely at times reach 80% usage on the gpu. Currently on an i7 10700k and the gpu consistently remains @100% even when the lowering render scale.
You may have to lower your LOD sliders.
As of right now my GPU is taking a beating

The same thing happened to me when my processor wasn’t up to par. I replaced it with a Ryzen 5600x and now my GPU is always at 100%