(NDU registry change) Increase performance immediately! AMAZING!

Are you using DX12

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Curious, what are your PC specs?

Maybe because after the RegEdit, they are restarting their PC which is clearing out lots of built up gremlins. Many do not realize that by default Windows 10 enables some sort of hybrid suspend thing when you power OFF the pc and RESTART is the only way to get a true RE-BOOT.

Definitely the problem is FBW’s A32NX. I still have a loss of 15 FPS on a 1 hour flight. A32NX deleted! I have a great setup and for 1 year this A32NX has been killing me. I bought CRJ700 from the FS Store and it is beautiful! 0 FPS loss even after 5 hours of sim. I hope Fénix will do as well with its A320!

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Check to see if your computers’s POWER button is configured for shutdown. I don’t recommend using “sleep” or “hibernate”. A power-on BOOT or a REBOOT cleans up many things such as virtual memory. Windows uses the correct values. Drivers are loaded into their hardware. And many other things. It is a good practice to BOOT or REBOOT daily.

And as a last resort pulling the power cord out of the wall guarantees the PC has no power.



Start the mcdu server.

Go to → community → flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo → MCDU SERVER

Double click server.exe


press N or Y key → press enter key.

No need to open the remote fmc on another device.


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I don’t have that issue. I change it as soon as Windows installs. It was meant for others to read.


Can I then close the server window, or does it need to remain open for the rest of the flight?

I believe you can minimize it to the system tray, but don’t close it.

It might be a moot point anyway as I think they just pushed a fix into the development branch within the last day.

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I tried this fix on 3 flights and still the same fps drop…

Exactly mate - you can minimize window.

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Yes, this should make the MCDU Server workaround obsolete. Here is a bit of background information on why this was needed… Websockets not being cleaned up - MSFS DevSupport (flightsimulator.com)
Also check the docs MCDU Web Interface - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation if you encounter issues with connecting :slight_smile:
Beware this might not be on the experimental version yet.

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Question for those of you who are still seeing the FPS drop: Do you have the Multiplayer option on or off?

OFF for me because only i fly with IVAO

Interesting. I just turned it off for the first time in 2 years. My sim got smoother. One day we will all figure this out! one day…

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Well FBW is not the issue, I have reinstalled entire system and flown only with default a320 - still massive performance degradation.

Issue is somewhere deep in MSFS, and it should be already fixed months ago… But I guess adding more content to product is more important than having at least properly working product :frowning:


I agree, I only use my rig for FlightSIm (and some other small steam games), but when I am done for the day the computer gets fully shut down. I have noticed, if I DON’T do that, then I start to see things slow down…


Same here, but I don’t fly the FBW. It is when I use REX Weather Force. As soon as I disconnect the real weather from weather force, my frames return to normal.

8527F64 was committed to experimental on the 23rd, I believe that’s the patch people are talking about?

Any of you who have done this latest performance fix (NDU registry), has it actually fixed your long haul flights?

I just flew KDFW > LFPG and an hour before I got to Paris, my frames tanked to 2-3fps. :frowning: