(NDU registry change) Increase performance immediately! AMAZING!

then seems you are one of the users with outdated network drivers :laughing:


Just a layman’s question. When I adjust my LOD. Does it have an immediate impact or do I need to reset the SIM to take effect?

that is immediate. so try it out.


I went through many threads including this one. nothing works lol

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Judging from the amount of topics and posts about bad performance I’ve seen ever since the sim’s release, I’d say it’s a pretty common issue.


is MSFS supporting DX12 at this time?

It does but it’s only in beta atm. Not very stable I would say.

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Yes…its a very common issue…but didn’t seem to exist till around SU5/SU6
‘Something’ changed within the code…probably to facilitate the software running on Xbox…then suddenly lots of users reported stuttering issues.
I’ve even followed other suggestions and completely started with a fresh OS install…drives wiped and reformatted and the system that was running the sim like butter…only to reinstall…and be met with stutters again…
Lowered LODs…
Zero mods
Community empty…
Tried sim recommended settings (which really are a joke sometimes)
Zilch running on the pc…high speed Internet etc…
And the sudden drops and stutters are still there.
I’d pretty much bet that if Asobo sent me the sim files pre SU5…and I reinstalled…the sim would be howitzer was…easily pushing 50+fps…which I’m happy at 30…but more importantly…smooth as silk with all settings on high and a few on ultra…

For people to say it’s our cpu and how we’ve config’d the system is pure BS

The users are all partaking in a Beta…the sim updates are part of that beta…as its not complete…some are testing the updates…prior to being released to the mainstream on the beta as it is now.
Guess you could say they’re alpha testing SU9.

Don’t get me wrong…sim is the mutts nuts…but that’s when it works…which for many isn’t alot of the time…

Just wish Jorg…Seb and Marcial would acknowledge the stutter issue and address it instead of getting excited about new features while the existing is still very far from fixed.


Two tiny little Xbox changes brought to PC (related to peripherals) nearly ruined the sim for me. Fortunately one was rolled back by the devs (after a lot of whining on my part) and the other I made my own workaround for.


I’ve had this issue since the very beginning, but it seems to spread to other users like a disease with each update

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so you touched on cockpit refreshrate
I have mine set to low, have had since day one
My question is what difference does it make because nothing seems differet for me, other than low fps on high.

The difference is the refresh rate of the glass cockpit.

Try a plane with a screen with artificial horizon, on Low it won’t be as smooth as on High.


Try your audio in another port if it’s USB or use a USB sound card. I had all the things you have described and My solution was to change USB ports. All good now with sound. It’s unrelated the OP post, I just happen to read yours and thought I’d chime in.


I know this is somehow unrelated to the core topic of this thread but boy there is one single setting that made a huge difference for me which is the water waves quality. I had it on high all the time and i switched it recently to medium. In combination with the cockpit refresh rate to low, i’m happy with the results.

I also forced the physx engine in Nvidia control panel to be used by the graphic card instead of the CPU. I saw this tip while researching non MSFS related optimizations. Not sure how it affects MSFS or whether MSFS uses physx to begin with…

this should be anyway the default in “Auto” setting… But as you mentioned, I dont think PhysX is relevant for MSFS. In general I assume PhysX is dead horse since years…

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That’s what i thought too (being the default on auto) but i have no idea why there are many recommendations to “force it” to the GPU. Maybe it changes depending on activities while on auto? No idea…

hmm… may be a game can decide for another processor, and so far I remember there are also games which can only use CPU. But these physX stuff is realy so long ago :rofl:

You can in NCP enable the PhysX “viewer” which show you when it is used with which processor. If I enable the viewer in MSFS I see “nothing” , as expected. Pretty sure you can uninstall PhysX and you will notice zero difference in msfs. May be they implement here own engine with the special needs for wind, airplane, what ever…

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Can anyone tell me if this setting affects fps whatsoever? Aesthetics wise, i really like what it does to the sim. I understand it sharpens the image but is it on the expense of FPS, even if slightest?

Also what’s the difference between this and the “texture resolution” setting in MSFS ? And does the latter affect performance? If not, i’m considering changing it from high to Ultra.

Trying to ask my questions here so i don’t spam the place with a new thread, sorry.

Typically, you will use these driver settings when the overdone build-in sharpening effect of MSFS is disabled in the usercfg.opt. It shouldn’t have any notable FPS impact, at least I did not see on with my RTX2070.

The texture reslution setting in MSFS (at least in my understanding) can have an FPS impact, more so it increases VRAM usage.

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As long as I see that my 5950X CPU is running on 80-90% on 2-3 cores, while the remaining 13 or 14 are in the 20-30% range or even close to idle, and the sim is stuttering and telling me I am Mainthread Limited at LOD 200 or less and a 1080 resolution, I don’t think the processor is the main culprit, but the code that makes use of it is.

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