Nearly lost my dinner = I love VR

Decent and recent dedicated PC with no issues other than known bugs. Reverb G2 all working fine. No issues with today’s update and well below 10% CPU and 3% GPU while updating.

First VR flight, TBM out of Telluride, threw it over the edge, gear up, flaps up, rolled and dropped into the valley below from cockpit view. Instantly sold. Just being able to look over the shoulder or look down at throttle while in the circuit is so much more intuitive than directing a camera view.

Must admit I did get some proper motion effects from that which quickly went away. But really did feel like flying. Nice one to everyone involved. :ok_hand:

Did some circuits around Heathrow at night, lovely. Did Fairbanks to Anchorage in snow, sleet and rain and it looked amazing, especially the frozen river and ice pack/bergs.

Switched to the Savage Carbon. Did circuits around St. Barts in the sunshine, p.s. some boats are moving again. Being able to look up as you go over a vertical loop is amazing. Nailed several landings where I normally struggle, I guess down to having better situational awareness?

Yes, had a couple of CTDs at Telluride, just MSFS2020, portal stayed running, but that is all I saw of concern. Still got to restart sim for live weather on second flight anyway, so no real drama.

I wasn’t hopeful for VR. Bought Reverb G2 for something else but I’m absolutely hooked using it for MSFS2020 as it feels so natural.

Finished my evening hacking around Monument Valley in the Extra at full throttle at sunset. This sim has only been out a few months. Already starting to feel like a real escape/properly immersive.

Yes, there are issues. But today it actually felt like flying. It is all I ask. :sunglasses:


I think the implementation is superb, it works fine for me, albeit with settings dialled right down.

It’s looks as though you’re in a real plane in the real world, if you had forgotten your glasses.

VR was my one reason for keeping XP11 for the time being and I think this knocks that into a cocked hat in terms of environment and ease of use.

Just wonderful, made an awful Christmas much better, and it will get better still from here.


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