Need advice on optimal "GENERAL" setting for 3090Ti( 19-128900k) system

Hello MSFS2020 enthusiasts’!,

I am seeking advice on the optimal settings for the "General " tab of options. A picture would be really awesome .

My new PC is a Win 11, 3090Ti ( 19-12900k) system,

I am not looking for the highest frame rate, I am seeking advice on the best flying( smooth ) and visual ( awesome eye candy ) experience

best regards

You are probably running 4K monitors right or VR?

Yes, 4- 4k monitors in a T , 3 across( TOP) and one in the bottom middle .
The three across top to display outside view ( when Multi monitor functionality becomes available in MSFS ) and one in the bottom middle for PFD, MFD, AP etc.

If you follow Flying Fabio on Twitch or search his website you will see his 4K settings. I think that’s a great place to start.

Thank You ! @bucsgolf42293