Need an ingame chat

Adding friends etc is great, but except for spawning right on top of them, or using 3rd party things like discord, there is no way to communicate with people in game right now. I miss that.


As long as it’s not a global chat. That would be awful.


True, least something in your own group

Dont need a global chat, but would be nice to at least chat with my friends.


I’ve been thinking the same. An in-game chat is one of the features I really miss. Would be great if we could write (or even talk) to others like on a UNICOM frequency. Perhaps they could set a realistic range -say 40 NM around your position or so - in which you could contact other planes.


A local area chat, preferably written chat and not voice, that you must tune on your radios, would be awesome (like 122.800 - unicom on vatsim). I dont like the idea of voice chat because of all the weirdos out there, and having my ears bleed from all the noise.


If you downloaded via the Xbox store and have gamepass, or have an Xbox Live account you can use the Xbox PC app to party up and chat with, either via text or voice. It’s not the same as a designed for purpose ingame client, but it works.

I was on short final last night when I noticed an airplane waiting at the runway. Would have been helpful if could have asked him if was going to hold position. A voice chat would have been great because I had my hands full doing the approach. I hoped he would give way to landing traffic - which he didn’t.
Perhaps an option to silence individual weirdos…

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If you add friends via the ingame friends menu, do they show up in that xbox app?

Yes i assume they will as long as they have an Xbox Live account. All my friends do.

Planes spawning on the runway when on short final are very annoying. After my second go around yesterday I just plowed through.


I like the Idea of an ingame Chat

Dont we all :slight_smile:

It’s a no-no for me. I would hate that.