Need audio help: Wwise attenuation

Hello guys, I am Boris, the sound developer for the A32NX. I would like to create a realistic sound experience for both cockpit and cabin, and I am having a little trouble getting everything to work the way I want to. Here are my main issues:

My main issue is that Wwise attenuation doesn’t work like I want it to. I would like for example to make the sound of the fuel pumps be heard over the wings, then farther away I would like it to not be audible. So, naturally what I do is I attach the property of “position and orientation” for the Positioning section in Wwise. I set the attenuation preset to “aircraft player inside 3m”. I then attach it to the node of “WING_01_FLAPS_LEFT(and RIGHT)”. It does definitely emit the sound from the flaps, when i turn my camera it changes the amount played in each ear. However, whenever I go to the cockpit or anywhere for that matter, it plays the sound at the exact same volume.

I decided to do some further testing. I used the sound preset “aircraft player OUTSIDE 50m” and tried it out. the sound attenuated noticeably when you moved your camera farther and closer to the wing. HOWEVER, the attenuation was too weak for it to not be heard in the cockpit like i wanted it to be, so I go to the attenuation graph that I can edit in the 50m preset, and made the graph so the output bus volume cuts out at 10 meters from the object. In game that seems to have no effect at all? For some reason that attenuation graph is completely USELESS, serves no purpose at all. And the next available preset is aircraft outside 5 meters which is way too small.

Another problem is that setting the position or position + orientation option in wwise automatically makes my sound mono. Is it possible to make wwise not do that? I want to make it so in the cockpit you hear the wind sound when going at high speeds but I don’t want that wind sound to play in the cabin as it sounds very different in the cabin. The wind sound I am using is very pleasant and has very good mixing for it not to sound deafening but still be loud. When its turned into stereo it just becomes hard to listen to white noise that causes tinnitus.

If anyone who uses wwise or anyone at all can help me, I would really appreciate it. These two issues are very annoying and without good attenuation I cannot do anything like making engines louder near the engines themselves and quieter in the cockpit.

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