Need help loading arrival into airbus mcdu

hello I am trying to fly the HYDRR1 arrival into KPHX in the airbus a320.
as you can see after GEELA the arrival splits into two routes, one going north to line up with the 07s and one staying south to eventually land on the 25s. When i enter HYDRR1 into my mcdu I can only get it to select the northern route, even when I enter ILS25L as my approach. Is there any way to enter the southern fork of waypoints?

furthermore on the ILS25L into KPHX the mcdu displays two options for transitions, ZERLO or NO VIAS which seems correct based on the chart.

However when I select ‘no vias’ Zerlo is inserted anyway. Is this correct? I would like to leave the transition blank to act as ‘vectors for the final approach course’. Looking for any clues as to what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for your time

Don’t think you are doing anything wrong. It’s just the logic with the current MCDU isn’t fully correct yet in how it selects SIDs and STARs. You almost have to enter it twice for it to take. I sometimes have to build the STAR myself as it just refuses to allow me to select the correct transition and/or the waypoints get all messed up. If I were sitting at the MCDU I could probably walk you through it but just know it most likely isn’t anything you are doing wrong, it’s just a strange way you have to interact with the MCDU. This applies to standard and FBW A32NX.

Thanks for the reply. I suppose entering the waypoints and altitudes manually will have to work for now. A small price for a lot of fun!

It’s worth noting that a lot of STARs seem to work flawlessly in the airbus. The ones that give me a hard time are the ones with more than one option inbound. Those I will have to enter manually or fly the CRJ. On the CRJ there is an option for ‘vectors’ for the ILS25L which seems to work nicely with HYDRR1.

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Hey there @StewartLapp. I recorded a short video which I believe replicates the issue with programming the MCDU auto follow the correct STAR transition route. If so, I can submit this to Zendesk to illustrate the issue. Not sure what happened to the quality of my video but the HD version may still be uploading.

MSFS A320 - Incorrect STAR Transition Routing

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This illustrates the problem perfectly! Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

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Thanks! With that, I’ll share the post with a Zendesk bug submission.