Need help please - cannot re-install the sim

Hi guys, I need some help please; I just cannot re-install the sim even on a clean formated ssd.
I had several CTD during my attempts to update yesterday (was working fine for me so far since Aug 20);
I have a pc version; updated windows, community empty, etc… then could’nt start the sim anymore getting error messages (safe mode etc)
I decided to uninstall and then new big problem; I just cannot re-install; I even formated my drive where the sim is, I updated the microsoft store app, did everything I could find online; the nstallations start but at about 40% back to desktop without any message…If anyone could help… again the sim was working very fine for me so far, no major issue, never had an update problem before.
Thanks in advance

Windows 11 ? And what GPU ? Did you update GPU drivers ? update procedures require GPU (alas)

log out and back in to all your accounts

…sorry mate but geesh sounds like your system is very unstable. could be a zillion things - overheating perhaps (once upon a time my AIO dried up… true story) … maybe faulty ram… drivers etc… have you
checked your event log maybe for clues?

Windows 10 21H1, latest nvidia driver
I did log out and on in both xbox app and microsoft store, everything updated
i will try to re install with dvds
thanks for your answers guys

everything was working fine before yesterday and i check my temperatures, nothing wrong there
i never had many add ons installed except A32NX and a couple of airports I like

it’s a self built machine ,not new but powerful nothing wrong here I feel

Cat on your keyboard?

Can you recall the error messages? Can you look at the store if the gaming services are trying to update themselves? Are there any error numbers? Maybe ending with 026?

sure, no worries… but yes even with a decent connection their update procedure is rather convoluted to say the least. but yeah, see if event viewer gives you anything?

Sorry, keyboard went wild with the stuck key(s) due to
coffee being spilled on it.

Funny, the Forum will not let me edit that post.
Says that I am not authorized.

no message at all
just the install stops at 40% and back to desktop as I said above

Managed to re-install from dvds very long but done
Thanks all for your replies

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