Need help with Drone Camera speed slider

Drone camera now operates too slowly and “increase speed” slider does little to increase speed.

Does anyone know of a fix or adjustment in a settings or config file that can return the “:increase speed” slider on the Showcase drone camera to its previous effectiveness? It no long allows fast translation up/down or forward/back. Rotation speed, however, still is functional.


I have assigned buttons on an external controller for translating the speed slower or faster for the drone. I specifically have an old Wingman controller just for the drone

In my experience if selecting 100% for the drone translation speed then it doesn’t seem to work.
If I click on the slider to, say, 95% I can get it to move quite quickly.

Thanks. I will try that.

Tried it and it works! As a matter of fact anything less than 99% seems to work. Thanks again.