Need help with upgrading pc specs

Hi everyone.

I am running msfs on my 6yrs old gaming computer. I experience extreme long loading time, and much lagging when approacing any major city.
A small msfs update can take many hours to complete.

I have been looking into what pc components to upgrade, but sadly I am no computer expert.

My pc specs are as follows:

Corsair RM750, 750W PSU
Intel LGA 1150 Core I7 -4790K
HyperX Fury DDR3 1600MHz 8GB Black
MSI GeForce GTX970 4GB Gaming PCI - E
Seagate Barracuda 2TB SATA3.0

My cabinet is a Cooler Master HAF 912 Adv, if that matters. Running msfs of Steam.

I have been thinking about installing a 1TB SSD, and having both OS and msfs running on that.

What else would be logical to upgrade to get rid of the worst lagging? More RAM? Do anyone have any recomendations to make this work?

Hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

What is your budget?

An ssd won’t help much. So don’t waste your money on that. If I were in your shoes I would probably improve the ram and graphics card. I think your cpu will be a bottleneck. Remember you will need to research which ram you can use for your motherboard. You can see this on your motherboards website and look for authorised products.

This is why I ask what your budget is… It may be worth saving up and buying a new prebuilt pc if you’re not comfortable building your own.

Was thinking, that if I could get it running kinda smooth for 3-500 USD I would be happy. But I am open to put more money into it if it would be necessary. The pc will only be used for flight simming if that matters :blush: I think I would be able to change out parts myself.

OK, I guess the issue is that your system is getting a little dated and will likely struggle moving forward. So you need to balance buying a new pc vs upgrading. Will upgrading really be worth it? If you want to keep it cheap then I would focus on ram and graphics card. 16gb of ram should be fine for your system. Official support for your mobo is in the link below.

For the graphics card. Well, not really sure what to suggest. Perhaps look for a second hand 2080 or 2070? How much do they go for in the states?

Good new is the ram is cheap. 16gb of gskill ram quoted on the ovl is about 100 usd. So that gives you 400 usd for a graphics card

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I’d rather sell it and buy a new PC… nothing you have is worth keeping and the DDR3 RAM makes an upgrade even more complicated.
If budget is an issue, you’re better off with an XBox Series X.


I believe you are far better off saving money toward a new system. Your case, power supply, and 2TB hard drive can be re-used in a new system, but you would need motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics card and a SSD drive for the operating system and programs. These components could cost you a good fraction of a new system.

A new graphics card in your existing system will not be used to it’s full potential because the existing CPU will bottleneck as mentioned above. Graphics cards can be hard to find at a reasonable price these days. Buying more DDR3 when the current standard is DDR4 with DDR5 on the horizon doesn’t seem worthwhile IMHO, and your current MB won’t accept anything else.

I would suggest looking at an entry level pre-built system that can be further upgraded in the future. As a long time PC builder it hurts me to recommend a pre-built but that is where you’ll get your best pricing on a graphics card these days. Get a system with a SSD for the OS and the sim program, and as much RAM as you are able to afford. Look for a system that uses name brand components and not proprietary parts if possible as they tend to be more amenable to future upgrading. Potential areas for future upgrading would be graphics capability, the amount of RAM, and maybe a larger or a secondary SSD, so you would want to make certain those components are upgradeable in a new system.

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An SSD does most definitely help, particularly with load times and high LOD scenery and can always be used as fast storage later. If he is upgrading his mainboard he should make sure it is NVme to take advantage of DX12 ultra and Direct Storage, it really shouldn’t add too much to the cost.

Otherwise he should not upgrade anything unless he can find another stick of Hyper Fury going really cheap because 8GB is probably adequate on the limited settings his PC is capable of.


I upgraded from a similar setup in January - built back in 2013 with an i7 4820k. I’ll be honest, there’s not much here than can be upgraded. Any major component, like CPU or RAM, will need a new motherboard. I suppose a new graphics card could be an easy upgrade, assuming you can find one, but you will still be bottlenecked by a quad-core in 2021.

My vote: might be time to start thinking about a new build rather than incremental upgrades.

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Thanks for all the great replies. I will probably end up just buying everything new as most of you suggests, and making sure I get something I can upgrade in the future. I agree that it will probably be the wisest thing to do, instead of trying to upgrade my current old system.

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome. Don’t be scared to fork out for a normal SSD though as it will be a huge upgrade for your current loading times and scenery performance. Whatever you buy/build in the future can always use it even if it’s just for storing media and backing up.


As mentioned by others all the components in that PC are quite dated which makes upgrade difficult. Best option is a whole new system.

But this could be good also. A spare PC can be used to run companion software on which keeps the load off the actual PC running the sim.
I run LittleNavMap and SkyElite on a PC that’s even older than yours. It’s on the same network as my sim PC but has a couple of its own monitors and works really well for navigation stuff.
This way I can keep the sim PC focused on just running the sim.