Need help with xbox


I just bought an xbox one x/s controller. It’s paired in bluetooth, & listed in devices/printers, all it does is blink. When try to test it in game settings there, it’s not listed. I can only get it to work with usb connected. Any ideas ?

Are you trying to use on the pc or Xbox ?

There is a small button next to the ‘Right Bumper’ RB. Press that and it should pair with your device…

PC, should have said win 11, I no nothing of the xbox consoled, thanks

If your talking about the sync button for pairing, (mine’s next to left bumper), I used it, & I’m paired in win11. The rest is what I explained, in my post. Thanks

I have it now, my MB has built in wifi that I never use. I found that the external antenna has to be attached for the blue tooth to work.

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