Need mown grass runways

Most of the grass runways need mowing. With longish grass, weeds, etc., they’re quite unlike the real thing (eg. 32/14, Goodwood, EGHR). Reducing runway grass length by about 65% might do it.

Bush strips are probably fine as they are.

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The grass lenght is to long for grass runways, aprons, airfields in all.
My self created runway marking, next to L/H Wing is about 40 cm (1,3ft / 15 inch) high and it disappears nearly. A normal grass lenght is about 5 to 10 cm depending on the cutter you use.

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Take a aircraft of your choice and take a look on a european grass airfield. E.g EDGA, EDRM.

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Request: SDK → Polygone, Runway, Taxiway, Apron with an option to select the grass lenght with 4 or 5 options e.g. extra long, long, medium, short, very short.

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jepp… voted

If at some point there are sheep involved, it should be fixed. :joy:

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I think reducing the Grass setting to Low should make it flatter.

Asobo, in last version from Store is very hight grass and very high trees for Czech and Slovak Republic region too. Make grass on RWY´s much lower than now, around 5-10cm max. On many RWY´s I cannot land correctly, because I didn´t see any marks on that RVY´s because too hight grass.

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve got all of Burning Blue Design’s airfields, which are truly excellent. But they are powerless to cut the grass due to limitations in the SDK and consequently airfields like Bodmin and Popham look ridiculously overgrown, to the point that you can’t even see the runway from inside the plane. Bodmin is basically just taxiing around an overgrown grassy hillside that looks like it’s kept as a nature reserve habitat for insects and rare butterflies.

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I think the grass would look better if it were shorter, I find it tends to be at least 1.5-2X too high for where it is. Which makes the world feel smaller and more cartoonish. Where it HAS been accurate height, the ground looks miles better!
I think it might be largely to do with the shadows they cast too. That might strongly contribute to the displeasing look in certain places.

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Agreed that the runways have way too long grass. It’s the same length as the fields surrounding the airfield. In many cases the only way to tell where the runway is, is a slight difference in color (and sometimes a few light spots). On many airports with grass runways they are very keen to keep it short on the runway. Last weekend I was on a grass runway at EHTX (the island of Texel in The Netherlands) and it struck me how short it actually was IRL.

I know the length of the grass is adjusted with the quality slider, however the point here is there is no difference between run-/taxiway and surrounding fields. The latter should have the length of the slider. The former should always be short.

I don’t know if it’s a lot of work to do this. I understand that if the actual runway (exact location, length, width and direction) are not in the database it needs manual adjustments and a lot of work. However if all that data is in the database, then it should be easier to do it… So please Asobo if you could look at this? It makes flying in small airports with grass runways more immersive and fun. You don’t just land anywhere in a field that happens to be runway, you actually land on a runway… Thanks!

I frequently use grass strips and quite often it is very difficult to identify the actual runway whilst taxiing never mind on the first approach at a previously unvisited strip. The number of times that, immediately on touch down, I am advised to ‘Contact Ground’ - ie, you’ve missed the runway mate - is quite high!

This topic needs more attention too.

Default grass for runways should be this

Not this!

There’s clearly two different lengths available. Swapping them around would just be a file reference change.
Quite often the runway is tall, and the surrounding grass is short. I believe they just need to be reversed.