Need Some Basic SimConnect Help

Just starting to explore SimConnect. I have a Visual Studio C++ console app created. VS2019 says it can’t find SimConnect.h. I’ve searched and found info out there on how to setup the project. I believe I have it setup correctly. However, I’ve searched both my C & D drives and cannot find simconnect. Supposedly there’s a directory with examples called SimConnectSamples. It doesn’t exist.
Do I need to install it somehow?
I think I’m just missing something simple. Thanks in advance for the help.

This is the folder on my machine that has SimConnect.h:
D:\Program Files\FlightSimulator\sdk\SimConnect SDK\include

You might be able to use the SimConnect.dll. It is found in:
D:\Program Files\FlightSimulator\sdk\SimConnect SDK\lib

I wrote a that you can download from my webpage. It is written in C#.

Just to close the loop here. I figured it out and I’m a little embarrassed. I didn’t install the SDK.