Need some help to import one airplane

First of all, happy new year for all of you and your family.
I am writing this topic for one reason, I have spent several hours trying to port over one C17 and one a400m. Using legacy program, I can make the airplane showing up in msfs, however, I have seen some people which can merge some cockpits into converted airplanes. Could someone provide a tutorial how to do that? Is frustrating don’t find any tuto about how to merge one msfs cockpit into a converted airplane, I know, no one has the obligation to teach anything but some help how to properly convert airplane from fsx to msfs 2020 and the merge of cockpit will absolutely helpfull for some people like me which have no clue how to do that and want to learn.
Apreciate any help or someone which can do some tutorial.
Best regards.

I’m looking for exactly the same thing. I’ve had some success pairing Thomas Ruth’s A330 with the 320 neo cockpit, but parts of the exterior seem to show through and I cant start the engines. I’m sure it’s because I need to use the config files from the neo, but when I swap them over I get a ctd

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My problem is, I convert the plane, but I can’t make inside textures appear and buttons don’t work. Usually keyboard shortcut will make engines start but not in all planes. If I know how to pair a cockpit, maybe I could find how to fix the engine issue but I can’t find any tutorials showing how to do that