Need to insert Game Disc day 2

I am now getting to the end of my tether, it’s been 2 days now! Up to a month or so ago I could play MS flight simulator (Windows store version) with no problems, then every few days it started telling me to insert the MSFS Game Disc! I found out that MS kept signing me out. My fix was to open the MS store and sign in (no password or anything needed!), then open the XBOX app and sign in there, again no password needed. Now FS would run. Now even this “fix” doesn’t work and it just keeps asking for the Game Disc!! I have the store and the xbox apps open and start fs from the xbox app, but still no joy. While there are numerous posts regarding this issue, I still can’t find a solution.

What’s going on? How can I get MSFS working again, please, as I am half way into a bush trip?

It requires a bit more sometimes, I’ve been there. Have a look yourself:

I’m sure you’ll get it sorted,
good luck

Thanks Mick, I executed all the tips in the link and the Remove and reinstall Gaming Services manually did the trick :relieved: It did trash all my settings and controller assignments though, but still, I’m now up and running again.

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