Need to reinstall, can I save my pilot logbook or settings?

I run MSFS on an external Thunderbolt SSD, which has so far worked great. I’m CPU/GPU limited, not motherboard limited due to throughput, and as near as my tests indicate, any latency is on par with the latency of my (much smaller) internal SSD.

Anyhow, I have an issue where my external SSD will not work at all if I update Windows to v2004. Instant BSOD when I plug it in. All drivers check out as working 100% fine both before and after the update. The only thing I or the manufacture can come up with is to reformat the SSD under Windows 1909 (which I had to roll back to in order to run MSFS), then do the update to 2004 and test to see if the SSD now works. An alternative solution might be to reinstall Windows to the current Win10 2004 20H2 level directly via an image.

Either way, I’m looking at a MSFS reinstall in order to resolve the issue. I figure it’s just a matter of time before Windows stops supporting v1909 (May of 2021) or some other program I regularly use requires v2004 or better. So now is as good a time as any as I’m not up against a wall to get this figured out. Plus, I suffer from the “path too long” annoyance due to the long file path of the default install on a non-C drive, and I can fix that as well.

However, I have a logbook with some 250 flight hours recorded. I know it’s silly (and not even accurate due to several dropped flights over the last 2 months) and that only I will ever see it, but ■■■■ it, I don’t really want to lose this record of my time! My controller settings would also be lost, but at least those shouldn’t take much time to reestablish in the sim.

Is there a way to save either the logbook or my settings for injecting into the reinstalled MSFS? Where might those files be located?

Any advice from folks who have done a full reinstall of MSFS? Are there certain files or folders which an uninstall won’t delete that I should be aware of? Or any other potential hitches you’ve run into with your reinstall?

Hi, few days ago i reinstalled and finally I found ed the logbook probably saved into MS account. Not saved some settings modified from defaults.

Basically, all settings like sounds, Logbook, Cameras are saved at your Xbox account. Just graphics settings are reset when you reinstall!

Interesting, it never occurred to me that settings would be retained via my gamer account. Thank you both!

GreatTerror, any issues to watch out for on the reinstall? Or is just a simple Uninstall sufficient to clear out the program?

I have the sim currently on the xbox game pass and I am considering buying it, preferably on Steam because that is where most of my games are. Is it possible to find the log file on xbox so that I can load it into a new install from Steam. I am assuming that I will have to delete the original install and start afresh

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The only difference between the Xbox Game Pass version and Steam is the way you install the launcher.

After that, everything behaves the same! MSFS will be linked to your Xbox account, and all your settings will be recovered (aside from Graphics Settings).

Even the content downloaded inside the sim can be used from GP to Steam.

After purchasing I will be closing my x box account I only opened it to see if my rather old pc would run it. I would have thought I have to delete the x box version and reinstall and that I would lose all access or am I wrong? Thank you for your reply by the way

Even on Steam (where you download only the launcher), you will need an MS account synced with Xbox to validate and run MSFS.

You will need to reinstall the launcher, but you can use the content from the Xbox version without downloading it again!

Just copy content from “%localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_{anyRandomString}\LocalCache\Packages” to anywhere.

Of course, the step above you needs to take if you do not change the content installation folder when previously installed.

When you install the Steam version and open MSFS, on the screen to choose where to install content, choose the folder you just copied in the previous step.

It seems me that performing Uninstall removed all.

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Thanks for that things are a bit clearer. I now have to pluck up courage to do it.