Need to use Task Manager to Quit or Shutdown MSFS

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that’s why I had the Logitech-Panel plugin under suspection… but it is so rare that its happen in my case, no chance to do some tests…

  	<Name>Logitech Microsoft Flight Simulator Plugin Steam</Name>
  	<Path>C:\Program Files\Logitech\Microsoft Flight Simulator Plugin\LogiMicrosoftFlightSimulator.exe</Path>

You are giving me a link to the beta section but bugs/posts that are not specific to the beta are often moved/merged to the general section, so here we are.

Case in point:

I still have this problem too (in the current normal PC-Release).
When using the menu to finish the flight simulator and after that confirming the quit dialog with yes msfs 2020 keeps running and does not respond anymore and I have to kill the task in task manager.
But when I am waiting for about 20 seconds before I confirm the “really quit” dialog msfs 2020 finishes normally.

An update on my situation after updating to the build and Windows 10 21H2:

  1. This problem continues to occur extremely often, the new build hasn’t made a difference.
  2. Although Alt+F4 is consistently removing the application from the taskbar, sometimes FlightSimulator.exe will continue to be visible in the Task Manager. The difference is that its status will be “Running” instead of “Not Responding”.
  3. Even with something in the Community folder, this procedure does not trigger the safe mode prompt. Also (unrelated) I got the prompt even with an empty Community folder a few days ago after getting a CTD while the application was booting.

For me this issue seems to be fixed with the beta build, haven’t experienced it for a few days now and I don’t use ALT+F4 anymore.

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Not sure anyone else has had this. When done flying I got Main menu and then it just sits forever on the loading screen with 100% blue bar. Won’t ever go to main menu then I have to end task via task manager. Same thing happens if I hit Restart. Not sure this is related but happens with Fenix A320 and PMDG. However it has happened sometimes on other planes.

Since October 18, 2022, the sim freezes when pressed Back to Main Menu after successfully ending a flight. Also, the Content Manager page isn’t accessible. Just a circle rotating there. Haven’t encountered these issues ever before.

I had installed 8 new folders (out of which, six were updates) in the Community Folder a day before. I removed them one by one to check if any of those mods (regional airports, bush strips) were causing any of the problems but it’s still that way.

So I can only make one flight, and I then cannot go back to the main menu. I have to hard restart the sim (STOPPING from the Steam page).

It has been that way since October 18.

Any advice?

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On exit demand, from main screen and fullscreen setup, FS window is like minimised (not visible) but stay visible using ALT+TAB. FlightSimulator.exe process stay as “not responding” in task list

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same here

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