Need your guys’ help! (Regarding missing content on Series X)

Hey, I just made a forums account here and I’m not too sure how things work around here but I’m in need of a helping hand as I pre ordered the premium deluxe edition of MSFS for Xbox and upon installation I only have access to the premium content and not the deluxe.

This has been quite frustrating for me as the content is not cheap and the whole reason I purchased the premium deluxe edition was that I would receive the deluxe edition content AND the bonus 5 planes and airports from the premium content.

When I go to the market place it states that I own the premium content but that I do not own the deluxe content and I need to buy it in order to own it. Hopefully this is not intentional as i remember the store page on the Microsoft store clearly stating that the Premium Deluxe bundle contains all content from the deluxe edition and the premium features!

Either way any help I can get in order to receive the missing content would be appreciated as none of the methods I’ve seen online actually work with the Xbox platform and I haven’t seen anyone else bring up this issue so I feel like it’s kind of just me in this situation, but as I said any help will be appreciated! Thank you I’m advance!

HI @DeaconThe3rd.

Welcome to the forums. It sounds like this might be a licencing issue, can I suggest you open a support ticket here Submit a request – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support.

I’ve just put a ticket in the now, fingers crossed the issue can get resolved soon

This is a known problem with the Xbox version. I along with many others pre-ordered the Premium Deluxe version but only have access to the Premium content. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and “is working on it”. Hope they resolve it quickly!

Oh I’m glad they know what’s up! That’s definitely made me feel a bit more comfortable knowing I’m not the only one, thanks for the heads up and suggestions on what to do! Means a lot especially for this being my first post here it’s lovely to see everyone wanting to help, very wholesome

I also see this issue, but appear to have all the Premium Deluxe planes and what looks like enhanced Heathrow and SFO etc. But XBox says I only have ‘Deluxe’ edition installed. If you check and see if you have 31 planes it will be a good indication of Premium Deluxe content. Annoyingly it still says I can upgrade to Premium Deluxe in marketplace section as it thinks I have only Deluxe edition. Yet I can load the PC Xbox app and see there that I own Premium Deluxe version and can install it there if I want to. The whole Premium Deluxe rollout on Xbox seems flawed. MS also sent out a message on Friday with a new product key to ue if your Premium Deluxe content was missing. Trouble is when you type in that key to activate it says it is for ‘Deluxe’ version of software not Premium Deluxe. All very confusing! But I do seem to have premium deluxe content (31 planes) on the Xbox X as I said earlier.

Addendum: issue seems to be fixed. After activating the code they sent Friday. It installed the ‘Deluxe’ edition then the Premium deluxe (which I had already installed) went from ‘buy now’ to ‘owned’.

Just curious has yours been fixed now, I got a message from Xbox with a code for Deluxe later on (the next day) and got everything thanks to it.

So if you have the issue still, check your messages to see if Xbox has sent you it also.

Yes it has been fixed, probably should’ve stayed sooner! My bad

That’s perfectly fine bud, just wanted to check as I never get notified when xbox message me on the console so you might have been in the same boat.

Enjoy the simulator bud.