Nemeth Design - Schweizer S300

Just to be clear, when you are sitting on the ramp, cold and dark, you move the cyclic forward and the cyclic in the cockpit moves at a 45° angle? It doesn’t move straight forward when you move your controller straight forward?

The cyclic in the cockpit follows the movement of my controller.

No, the movement of the chopper in the air. The stick follows the thumbstick for me too, the chopper does not.

To keep it flying straight you need to push up constantly, so just look if you are actually pushing the stick straight up or northwest.
You can of course fly it without flipping the controller to its side, you just have to adapt, and rewire the brain.

You can see the inputs that I am making in the video below. The inputs required to move the direction you wish to go, may not be what you expect. The magnitude of control input may be much smaller than anticipated also…

I really enjoy flying this helicopter in MSFS. It handles how I expect, and I only need a few minutes to get comfortable flying it after coming from another heli. That isn’t any different than any other helicopter that I have in the sim. It is normal to need to get familiar with a new helicopter coming from a different model. Especially if it has a different rotor system. For example, getting into a fully articulated rotor machine, coming from a teetering rotor machine, sometimes even from ship to ship of the same type. The school where I train has 2 R44s and they have completely different pedal feel and response.


My God that looks so good when you fly it! I really wish I could fly it like that!
But VR really helps to I guess.
Sadly the problem I have ”found” is affectibg most people, if not all, you just need to look at the rating it has, that says it all.
And its really sad since it really is a great chopper, as your videos show, behaves better then maybe any other in the game.

But cant tell by the video what way your cyclic pointed when you flew straight there.
And sure, all helis behaves differently and need more or less time to adjust when you flip between them, but they all push the nose down when I push cyclic up.