Nemeth Design - Schweizer S300

Wow, that sounds like an interesting setup! Regarding the S300, I have come to the conclusion that there absolutely is a big issue with the flight model. As long as you only do small movements with the cyclic, it is fine for me. But especially with version 1.2, bigger forward or backward movements result in strong right or left roll. You can compensate this by moving the cyclic diagonally, but from all I have read this should not be necessary. This really is a shame, because version 1.1 felt good as long as you did not do anything abruptly.

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Yes it is a shame, because i like flying it.
That’s he reason i started experimenting, to not learn unwanted musclememory.
I still have to finetune the amount of correction.
I build this motorized cyclic for the HPG H145 so the cyclic would follow the AP in Upper modes (reducing SEMA to zero) after building a motorized collective.
Only drawback of that collective was that it was build especially for the H145 which has a FADEC and no Throttle which i need to do a coldstart and also for shutwown of the S300, so i now had to assign this to a axis on a different device.

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Hey all. Have you seen this?

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Thank you sir, it’s very stable now especially when cruising!

Nemeth Designs has yet for update version 1.3 this helicopter is now being deleted off my Flight Simulator a waste of $15. If another update appears in the near future i will re-install the heli but for now this heli is TERMINATED

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Very interesting… I have not tried to fly the updated 300 for a while since I was still having odd control issues. BUT - today I went in and tried it again and oddly enough all is well. Hovers well, transitions to flight and decent well. We did just get the latest MSFS update. Hmmmmm…

Thank you ChunkyFlyer!!!

Holy Motherland - they finally fixed it!! I’m on the marketplace version and finally I can fly this thing like a normal helicopter (no assistance options on - we want the real deal do we :wink: ).
Anyway - now it works - finally!

Sorry to disagree, but I reinstalled the latest version of the S300 from the Marketplace, and it still has this absolutely annoying behavior that any larger forward or back cyclic movement induces a roll/yaw movement as well. You can compensate by moving your cyclic diagonally, but it feels very, very wrong …

Are you on Xbox or PC? What control setup?
Are you able to make a video with the input viewer showing your issue?

You made a point to say “large” cyclic inputs. Do you have the same 45° input bug with small inputs?

Just trying to dive into it, I’ve had a great experience with this heli.

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Well, also disagree, i have modified my cyclic to compensate for this mixed axis behavior (see my post from 13 august) and now it flies like the other helis except that it is light and therefore more susceptical for wind.
To add to this, i had an introductionary lesson last 14 october in a Schweizer and i can confirm that the real one doesn’t have this behavior.
It won’t show up unless you make some bigger inputs which you sometimes need if you want to accellerate fast, especially when from a OGE hover flying away again.
Now after correction it is one of my favored, but in fact should this correction i build into my cyclic (only active for the Schweizer) not be needed if the FM was correct.
BTW i am on PC with a full sized cyclic, and above statements are off course MY opinion, which nobody has to agree with.

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Hi @belatu42, if you look further up in this thread, I was one of the strongest defenders of the S300. With version 1.1, as long as I was smooth on the cyclic (as you should), it felt alive but controlable, really one of my favorite helicopters. I spent a lot of time helping others, with mixed results :wink:
But with the release of version 1.2, Nemeth reduced the cyclic sensitivity, leading to larger control inputs. Unfortunately the border for this unwanted roll/yaw movement stayed the same, so now I run into it all the time, especially during transition from/to hover.
I was curious to see if SU13 had changed anything, based on a few positive posts here. So I reinstalled 1.2, but it was still the same for me. I have verison 1.1 from a backup, and that one is still great. But I am honestly fed up with this helicopter right now, and the missing communication from Nemeth. I gave feedback on their Facebook page, but never got any reaction.
Just for completeness, I am on PC with Virpil cyclic and collective, and have been flying nothing but helicopters in the sim for about a year now (since getting my collective). I will be away from my sim for the next two weeks, unfortunately missing the release of two great helicopters. So no time to record any videos.
But thanks for your offer to help! Loved your H160 video :smiley:

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Bad timing on your trip dude. What is the other one? Gazelle? (obv. I know H160 lol)

Taog’s Lama seems to be very close to release, he posted a trailer on YouTube yesterday. Love his Alouette, although it is quite ugly :joy: Lama looks a lot cooler!


I agree with your sentiments on the 1.1 to 1.2 update. It feels more sluggish since 1.2, not much different, but noticeable.

I was just hoping there was something with the inputs that is repeatable and measurable. It would go a long way towards solving the issue. I’ve never experienced this bug and can’t recreate it, so I have no way to test and help out. It’s a bit frustrating.

I’ve definitely considered Virpil controls. I am curious how they perform next to the PFT Puma. It would be hard to pull me away from Pro Flight Trainer for helisim controls. Mine started out 8 years ago as a Black Lynx. I’ve upgraded the pedals and added toe brakes. I’ve also upgraded the collective and the PCBA to bring it up to Puma performance. I’m really interested in the latest Puma X with hall sensors…and they’ve announced an Airbus style cyclic grip.

I’ve seen your posts, I consider you one of the voices of reason in the heli threads… :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback on the video. I’m just starting to get comfortable with editing

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Updated just now, says its for making it better with xbox controller, well… seems nobody actually tried it with an xbox controller!
Its still a total unflyable mess!
Its even WORSE if you turn on the two assists! That is just nuts! Even the 407 can be flown ok with the assists on.

The problem has NEVER been sensetivity or the flight model, its ALWAYS been the cyclic is all twisted!
Up is rotating right! To get the nose down its somewhere up/left and nose up is down/right ish?!

If the most basic of controlls ( up is nose down, down is nose up, right is bank right etc ) is not right it doesnt matter how many updates this chopper gets!
You cant fly it!

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Operating a flight sim with an Xbox controller is an absolute NO-GO anyway, so the question is basically not whether it works :beers:

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All the fully controllable helis in the game says hi!
The controller is not the issue when it moves completely in the wrong directions from the input.

Its not the only one in the game either, as we all know, all you gotta do is take a look at the ratings the choppers got and there are two distinct camps, the crap that has this kind of messed up cyclic, and the other controllable ones.

Problem with this one is that it looks and feel really good on all the other levels, I just wish it actually moved the way it should!
Its also probably the most common trainer helicopter in the world ( at least until the r22 came along ) and as such should be the best representation of helicopter flying in the game, its the opposite instead!

Nemeth…. FIX IT!!

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This update flies about the same for me with PFT Puma 1:1 controls.
Still has trouble recovering rotor rpm during flare with engine idle. I know this works in the sim, because after pestering the team in the livestream, I went back and did some testing with the Cabri.

The Cabri will recover rotor rpm with a flare of the disk. It seemed to decay much to quickly with added collective, making balancing rpm and cushion especially touchy, but the effect was there. I also was able to increase rotor rpm in the flare with the turbine at idle in the CS_B206B3. More testing and autorotation videos to come…


Hi all, I thought I’d put my 2 cents in about the latest update for the 300. I was very pleasantly suprised at the difference (positive) in the FM. I have acrued several hundred hours in helis in the sim and am fairly proficent as I own the Nemeth, Cowan 500, the Alouette and Lama. As far as I can tell, the Nemeth flies as well as any helis I have flown in the sim. Very nimble, but very controlable and a lot of fun now. Big difference from when it first came out. I use no assists or curves in the controls. I would now recommend this heli as a good starter heli, and the price is right.