Nepalese Air Adventure - Gunpilot's Challenging Strips series

Welcome to the 2nd Gunpilot’s Challenging Strips adventure. This challenging strips flight is located in the Nepalese Himalayas and is guaranteed to give you more of the heart pounding landing challenges that were experience in the Indonesian Jungle Air Safari. The terrain we will be flying into is spectacular, the strips mostly situated at high altitude and the outlandings degree of difficulty again range from medium to hard. Ensure your seatbelt is securely fastened, all sharp objects stowed away, and your landing skills are well honed.

This flight has been nicknamed the “Glide & Slide Show ” and you will fully understand why it’s been given this nickname once you have joined our Nepal Air Adventure event

Flight Name: Nepal Air Adventure (Gunpilots Challenging Strips series)

When: Sunday 13th Dec @ 2330 GMT

Where: Nepalese Himalayas

Flight Duration: Approx 3hrs (dependent on number of pilots attending)

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan


Flight Plan and Landing Details Summary Pack can be sourced on GUNPILOTS Server (link below)

Voice Chat facility is provided in this server for the flight

Discord Link:

Nepal Challenging Strips.PLN (4.6 KB)


All the damage I inflicted on my Caravan during the first run of your Nepal adventure, should be completed just in time to join you for round two. :flight_arrival: :mountain: :boom:

Hopefully this time I don’t suffer anything greater than a scratch or a dent here or there!
Wishful thinking probably. :sweat_smile:

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This looks awesome! Can’t wait, Gents! :airplane::bacon::clinking_glasses:

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See you there! :beers:

Woohoo!!! The trees yet again will be my friends… !! HA HA LOL

My heart wasn’t pounding last time. It stopped!!! Never made a successful landing. Will try again. Thought I was a half decent pilot. EEEK !!!

See you there!. Name in sim is Dougiesy. Look for the guy missing the runway

I swear there was some wind sheer making those landings even more of a challenge.

Another fun and challenging day of flying building my virtual skills.