Nevada Bush Trip Leg 19 instructions are incorrect

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In the Breckenridge → Yosemite Mariposa bush trip, the instructions for Leg 19 are incorrect. Steps 2 and 3 should be switched.

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If you look at the instructions for Leg 19 of the Nevada bush trip, the 2nd instruction and the 3rd instruction are swapped. This obviously makes it very confusing for a player trying to follow the instructions in sequence. The 2nd instruction currently reads “Just south of the Chilcoot crossroads, a train line rushes into the west. Start in that direction, before adjusting slightly southwest toward the open plain. You’ll soon be soaring over farmland, approaching a cluster of circular tracts near the pools of Little Last Chance Lake.” But this makes no sense, since we haven’t even gotten to Chilcoot yet. The 3rd instruction is what gets us to Chilcoot: “The creek bed snakes through the canyon, leading you to a southeast direction. Once you’re out of the canyon, a mountain road will lead you farther south – and soon you’ll arrive at a crossroads in the center of small town Chilcoot, California.” These two instructions should be swapped.

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I already filed this bug in Zendesk, but thought I would post here in case it prevents major confusion for some players.

DOH! So that’s the problem. Thanks. Tomorrow I’ll try again and not be circling aimlessly trying to find the route.

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This is still an issue with SU12. I was going to report the issue but found this previous post so I will add to this thread. I fly on Xbox but use Little NavMap as a VFR map on my laptop. I noticed the issue when I was setting up the flightplan for this leg. Also in the description for POI 04 it references ‘Little Lost Creek Lake’. It should read ‘Little Last Chance Lake’ as that is the reference point we just arrived at.

Fixed in Sim Update 14.