Nevada Test Site Flight Plan

Here’s one for you history buffs. We take off from NV65 Mercury, Nevada, for a loop around the Nevada Test Site, home to many of America’s smaller nuclear tests. We loop over Groom Lake (Area 51) before returning for a visual approach to Mercury. I think 10000 feet as a good altitude for you to see the sights, and once you’re at cruise altitude, use the external views to look around.

STYME - Right hand side of the aircraft we see Frenchman Flat, where a number of above ground tests occurred, including the first ever test after WW2, Ranger Able.
KL42K - Left hand side of aircraft. About 4 miles past KL42K you will see a small range of hills. This includes the location of News Nob where reporters were invited to see the atomic tests. Between KL42K and BGZEE you can see the craters from the underground testing at Yucca Flat.
BGZEE - 12 o’clock from aircraft. We turn towards the Sedan Crater. To the northwest is Rainier Mesa, where some of the underground tunnel testing occurred.
CYKLE - The Sedan Crater.
SLVIR - Use external views to look back at the craters in Yucca Flat.
MCY - We pass over Groom Lake, also known as Area 51.
ROYLL - To the left, in the distance, we can see Creech AFB.

After ROYLL, you will receive ATC directions back to NV65.


NV65-NTS-NV65.pln (3.6 KB)


Recently flew over Yucca Flats. NOT a single crater. Sedan crater is a mere bump in the terrain. The block houses and access roads are there, but that’s all, folks.
And why aren’t ANY of the numerous salt flats and dry lakes white?