Never Before - Proud and Happy

“Ethiopian 500, go around.” I was so glad to hear that from ATC, as I desperately needed to land on Runway 16 at Dublin. It appeared that he might beat me to the runway, so I went to flaps 1 from 4 to gain some speed.

Also, the weather was horrible! This was a true test of my ability to keep calm and focused, as there was a 50 knot cross wind and only soup to fly through.

I am very happy about the frame rates I was able to achieve, considering that the graphics setting here is High with Ultra clouds. Normally in a bad weather condition like that my frame rate takes a dive. It was consistently in the mid 30’s that whole time!

What made the performance difference? MSI Afterburner (see attached)

Nice I haven’t been able to overclock very reliably without CTDs on my 1060 6gb


Ugg, that’s a lot of magenta on your radar there. Thanks for the tips re overclocking. Like @telescpebldr I’ve not had much luck overclocking. Will give it a go.

What GC so you use? This 250mhz OC is killing me…

The MSFS weather radar is more like a cloud radar though… probably light precipitation or some low stratus :joy:

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