Neverland with MSFS

Hi everyone, I have found on the web many guides on how to perfect existing locations or build new airports but I have not found anything that taught me to create an island where it does not actually exist. Actually my island existed for a short time, from 8 June 1831 to 8 December of the same year (it emerged due to an underwater volcanic eruption)

Could someone help me get started? What should I do to “create” an island from nothing?

Thank you

I should be possible… I know the VHHH addon airport has done it. Because the default VHHH only has 2 runways surrounded by water. But since in real life VHHH is currently building a third runway by reclaiming some land the addon airport has taken this into account and extend the island towards the sea to have the third runway construction.

New Island Awesome, I hope it’s…

Ok guys, I see that the topic is interesting, now let’s see if some expert friend explains how to create an island that does not exist.

A greeting.

Need Themyscira island with only a short LOD. That way, when you fly far it doesn’t render at all. But when you get close, POOF appears out of nowhere as if you flew through their cloaking shield.

If you have some familiarity with the sdk already create a polygon in the shape of the island you want, hit terraform with a fairly low falloff number, raise the shape above water level with the gizmo tool and exclude water in the polygon properties.

It’ll be flat as a pancake but it’s a starting point.

Hi, could this tutorial be useful?

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Yes. That’s a good one. If I remember rightly that was made before a new terraforming tool was added that gives you more control, but it covers the basics well.

And the SDK has lots of good information on creating polygons for various tasks. That’s where I learned how to create water polygons and terraforming with polygons. The important thing to understand about polygons is they are flat only. I don’t understand why we can’t choose the altitude of particular points on the perimeter, but we can’t. What you can do is tilt and spin terraforming rectangles, and you can mix terraforming by using multiple overlapping polygons and rectangles.

What you can’t do is make overlapping water texture polygons, which causes issues when polygons are right next to each other.