New 100 render scale = pre SU5 80 render scale?

Anyone else notice much less crisp elements like light nights, runway lights and cockpit buttons identifiers after SU5? (PC no VR). For me the less crisp night light is where I think it most affected immersion (obviously it has not destroyed immersion, but taken a part of it away)

I wonder if they changed the render scale’s scale…

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they do a lot of things that dont make it to the release notes :smiley:


Of course they did…you must play with the config files, but whats hardcoded now , no one knows

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Nope, still crisp 100% scaling here. Double check that the fullscreen resolution is correct?

Yes. The glass cockpit numbers and letters, for example, are perfectly very very crisp. The other elements mentioned are not.

Render scale is the percentage of your resolution. So 100 is always the same resolution as what you have set in the graphics settings. Over 100 is super sampling, which doesn’t have a big impact if you already have anti-aliasing enabled like TAA. The image will be down scales afterwards to match your set resolution. If you set it below 100, the GPU will render the frame in that lower resolution, and afterwards the image will be upscaled to match your set resolution.

If you open developer mode’s FPS meter you can see all resolutions used, so if they are all the same it uses 100.

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