New A321 neo LFVR cause CTD

I Downloaded new A321 neo from marketplace , but it seems cause CTD everty time i use , i I made a landing on LFBO and after driving hard the taxiway I wanted to park my plane and there CTD, I am tired of the A320 / A321 do not work well, that bugs and CTDS, I paid this product must that it works I am more than fed up, if it continues I will ask for financial compensation. I am a customer, I am king the product must work it is all !!!

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Did you fly the LEAP configuration? That causes CTD for me as well. Try the PW configuration. I’m on Turkish Airlines A321 PW and no problems so far.

Just had a CTD on short approach as well. That’s sickness :cry:

OK i will try it thanks

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