New Add on Idea - live scores


We have well modelled stadiums in the game and whenever I am flying near or over them i think that it would be great to see the live score if there’s a match happening in that stadium.

So as i was just watching champions league match, i wanted to share this idea with you.

I have zero knowledge about developing an add on, so this is just a thought. But maybe it’s possible to show the live score over the stadium within some user defined range just like they are showing the names for landmarks.

I guess there are sources feeding the info especially for football and major leagues.

How would you like this idea?


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Can you imagine an addon importing the current score for EVERY athletic match in the Entire World ? Then posting the scores on the available and possibly moving scoreboard at ALL of these events over the entire planet ? I suspect everyone running MSFS will have to upgrade their hardware or suffer catastrophic FPS drops. BUT, it was an interesting idea ! Happy Flying.

First of all why do you sound and behave like i wanted the end of the world?

I didn’t say, EVERY athletic match in the Entire World.

As i Said it’s an idea for an add on. And that can be served limited to region, type of sport, or a team.

Just like the add ons for regional missions bla bla. Someone who is interested in Liverpool matches may buy the add on for the team and fly over wherever the match is, find the stadium and may see the score.

Happy flying to you too and happy life with your punctuations and bold capital letters.

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I thought you were joking, are you serious?
At this point I would be interested in reading the board with the train schedules of all stations…

Sorry I couldn’t resist

No I wasn’t joking. I asked for your opinions and nicely got my answer in two replies.

It’s better not to talk about my idea for 30 days and wait for this post will be locked.

Thank you.