New Aerosoft CRJ user questions. Help!

I just started the process of learning this plane after flying around in the default King Air and am hitting some turbulence:

Is there a camera angle people use to work with the FMS and NOT have the speed brake in the way? I know I can move the speed brake, but then I tend to forget I moved it.

I often can’t seem to press the center of various buttons like the SPEED, HDG, ALT or CRSx buttons. I just get the scroll arrows. Is there a trick to this? Sometimes it does work, but I’ll be darned if I know how.

Do people with Honeycomb products find it works well with this? I’m having issues with the LEDs not working all the time (but some of the time) and various buttons and switches not working. Is something like SPAD.NEXT or AxisandOhs the only way to go?

For the camera I played around for a while, then set a custom camera angle using ctrl + alt + a number as it was a bit of a fiddle.

To get the centre buttons I find if I click on my scroll wheel and then click again the cursor will disappear then come back able to press the button.

We have got a very extensive support section on this aircraft with a lot of assistance on using hardware controllers.

For me it works best with the scroll buttons if I click and hold the left mouse button on them and then use the mousewheel to adjust the setting.
This has the advantage that you keep adjusting the button even when you look elsewhere (with track IR). And I have the tooltips disabled, though I dont know if this matters.

I set up a custom view (cntrl-option-# to set, option-# to select) on the first officer FCU which has nothing in the way, and I use that when making changes.