New airac makes MSFS stutter so hard

If I install the nav data to the MSFS, the sim has hard stutters, if i unistall it doesnt, i tried to use default aircraft and i have the same problem, I delete all comunity files and let the navigraph folders only and Its not solved neither, the sim only works fine if i dont have any navigraph airac installed

How did you install the Navigraph data?

Pressing the first install button

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That is quite uncommon.
Are your Window’s updates all installed?
Current GPU drivers?
If you are all up to date, I would recommend you post this on their forum.

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities as Navigraph is an add-on navigation data.

I have all updated, I wrote a post in NG forum too

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oh thanks! sorry

After several days and just after send my last post, i found the answer.

The problem that i detected its that the SIDS and STARs for some airports had gone, so I try to found a reason for that, and finally I found a solution.

The first problem its that the reason of the SIDs and STARs was a corrupted file called “content.xml” found here:


Now you have to do this:

Remove Navigraph AIRAC using NavData NavCenter. Delete Content.xml. Restart sim. Confirm you see correct NavData using default NavBlue Database. Shut down sim. Reinstall NG AIRAC using NavData NavCenter. Restart sim and confirm you’re seeing NavData (try outside US as that’s where NG really shines).

With all this done, the stutters are gone, and the SIDs and STARs are back.

Kind regards, I spect that this info will be usefull for someone with the same problem!


Actually that’s been the guidance that’s been passed down from Navigraph since the beginning. It’s posted all over the Board. But it’s good to see you solved it.

Thats correct, but Its the solution for my stutters too!

It’s butter smooth for me(currently over Brunei in the F35B)…