New airport opened, how to ask Microsoft to add in Map


Recently, a new airport just opened in Myanmar. Its in Chin state and its at elevation is 5000 feet.
Top of the mountain and very beautiful scenery.

Exact location is 22.933380, 93.615746

So, I want to be this airport in MSFS. So, who do i need to talk or connect to add in MSFS 2020.

Please guide.

Thanks a lot

You can submit a zendesk request or reach out to the community to make it using the sdk. Do you have photos or satellite image of this new airport? If so the please post on here. Share as much onfo as possible eg icao code, name, etc

Falam Surbung (VYFS)

This does look like a nice location, for sure. It’d be fun to fly that ATR72 in & out of there, like they plan to do.

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Try building it yourself with the SDK tools…

Or post it on Reddit r/fs2020creation as a request, maybe a volunteer will pick it up and start creating one with the SDK

Yes, Falam Surbung (VYFS)
In recent one ATR 72 landed as first official.
Btw, are you from Myanmar too?

… or you use the current Navigraph AIRAC cycles :slight_smile: … then you have immediately at least a runway with the approaches :upside_down_face:



Hi Sir,

It means we have to subscribe Navigraph and update the game?

Yes - a subscription is necessary because we offer the worldwide data according the AIRAC cycle dates, every 28 days. Next cycle 2011 will be effected / released next week on 5th of November.

The other possibility of course is to wait till someone had built it … or you wait till ASOBO add it …

I guess we cant just subscribe for a month to get 1 update?

For sure - Ultimate monthly …