New Alaska Bush Trip

CRS heading doesn’t agree with NavLog and doesn’t change at end of leg

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I flew each of the 12 legs of the Alaskan bush trip, but only the first six registered as complete when I landed.

I have only flown the first three legs of the Alaska Bush Trip, but I had no problems switching the auto pilot to nav to follow the intended flight plan, even if the plan is not shown on the map. The CDI was set to GPS and displayed the CRS correctly.

This is not meant to say you are doing it wrong. Do you have any Garmin/AP mods installed? Asobo is doing something strange here to hide the flight plan from the map (VFR map and X-Cub Garmin display), so I imagine this could clash with mods.

I completed the first 6 legs without issue. Now i flew from PAPE to PAPH and landed but nothing happenned. i crossed the a79 Mark but nothing happenned then too. Any suggestions?

I crashed in the first leg. now this bush trip flight won’t load. It’d be just stuck there when loading. All other flights, including bush trips, load normally. Is there a way to reset the trip?

I think this will work. You need to find the activities folder and erase the ‘save’ file

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Thanks! I’ll give it a try.
It worked!