NEW: Around the World feat. Daher TBM 930 & Volanta by Orbx

Alright, so I’ve realised that I’m doing far too much IFR flying in the same parts of the world. I want to see somewhere different, after all this sim revolves around jaw-dropping graphics. So where better to do it than in MSFS?! However, this around the world trip is different to most. Lucky for me, I received my email from Volanta (flight - tracking software; similar concept to SimToolkitPro) saying I’m part of their beta, so here I am testing out their product whilst having fun. Watch me as I venture through the world in my trusty turboprop, with no shortcuts taken. I will document every step of the journey day-by-day, with most posts over the weekend, commencing 16/01/21.

Happy Flying!

Track my flight on SimToolkitPro and Volanta: @adsdxb23

Leg 1: EGBG-EGPH (16/01/21)
Departure out of a cloudy Leicester, very accurate to the current weather over here:

Arrival at a beautiful Edinburgh, albeit the odd terrain spikes here and there:

Leg 2: EGPH-BIHN (16/01/21)
Heading into night in Scotland, taking the TBM to Iceland! This trip is about to get a whole lot more interesting…

And we’ve arrived with a neat surprise awaiting us! Some interesting scenery here:

Leg 3: BIHN-BIBL (17/01/21)
Typical Icelandic weather! Flying out of quiet/mostly unknown airports:
Arrival at an airport that even Google doesn’t know about:

Leg 4: BIBL-BIID (17/01/21)

I think the above pic was at sunrise. I learnt how to use focus properly, so some jaw-dropping pictures will be on their way - it should make for some lovely desktop wallpaper!
Arrival at a tiny runway - had to slam it down to get here. Swerved around several mountains to make it down here safely (mini LOWI arrival) :sweat_smile: Lovely authentic scenery here; wooden houses.

Leg 5: BIID-BGGH (20/03/21)
The return of the TBM!

We’re on our way to America (albeit, via several other countries).
Arrived successfully at BGGH (Nuuk - Greenland)

Next up… Canada! :canada:
Leg 6: BGGH-CYKL (21/03/21)
Departure out of Nuuk!


If you need me to post my latest TBM-WWT spreadsheet that has all 228 countries in it then update this thread.

I will be happy to post a clean spreadsheet ready to go. There is a lot of hours that I put into the making of that spreadsheet.

I planned on posting my finished/completed spreadsheet later on today after I clean it up.

I have to cut down a few trees in the backyard first…


Thanks for the offer mate - highly appreciated! However I feel like starting from scratch to just give it that level of authenticity from start to finish, so will probably make my own. Once again though thanks 4 the offer👍I’m sure the spreadsheet will be appreciated by many when you post it. Enjoy the tree cutting lol😁

Happy flying!

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Wow! Volanta is amazing. I can’t wait for it to be out of Beta testing and ready for all of you to use - you will love it!

Goodluck on your flight! Discovering the world through FS2020 is a marvelous way to pass time during stay at home orders.

@MarkRWatney I’m very curious what those 228 countries are. Is that mostly including Island nations or also autonomous regions like Tibet and disputed countries like Western Sahara and Somaliland? As well as partially recognized states like Kosovo.

On my world tour I keep running into dotted borders on Google maps and even capitals of maybe future countries like Erbil, Kurdistan.

Then there are still 7,117 active languages in the world today!


I grabbed a list of countries off the Internet and worked my spreadsheet that way. I disregarded the dotted borders. I used for finding airport info and Google Maps for the countries marked in black/bold. The Polynesian and Caribbean Islands seemed to take forever to fly since that is 30 countries by themselves.

I learned a lot about the world and its countries by flying this tour.

Tomorrow morning I will clean up my spreadsheet and post a Google sheet shared link. Tonight I am working at learning the Cessna CJ4. I had to walk away from it earlier because it is so much harder to fly and understand compared to the TBM. It is a touchy beast IMHO.

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Here is a link to a blank TBM WWT spreadsheet. Be aware, if you use this spreadsheet there are a few columns that do automatic calculations. And, the UTC Time column field will need to be modified if you live in a different timezone than EST. You would change the “5” to be your UTC-offset time.

After flying the TBM for so long I will miss some of the newer features it has compared to the older CJ4. Not having a synthetic PFD is a real bummer. I could land that bad-boy in any airport, in any weather, because of the PFD. I put my toes in the water with the Longitude and I love the plane since it is more like the TBM but its longer runway requirements make it sort of a deal breaker for a WWT.

sorry about the delay on the flight updates - was super busy over the weekend. More updates coming on the 23rd hopefully. Should be heading to Greenland if I make it! :sweat_smile:

UPDATE: Several months of the TBM at BIID, where it’s undergone heavy modification - a brand new paint scheme, cockpit and more! Today, we shall continue the journey. Follow me LIVE on the MSFS Discord at approx. 13:45 zulu in Terminal D! (name is FLYUAE on Discord)

Completed today’s 3:30 hr long venture. Onwards to Canada from here.
Facts about today’s arrival airport Nuuk:
-Capital of Greenland
-Nuuk is the Greenlandic word for Cape
-It’s the world’s northernmost capital

When we arrive in America, I’m hoping to do some Vatsim flying with the TBM. Should be fun!

We continue our journey after several months away! Let’s get this beauty started.

No arrival pictures unfortunately, but I have got the journey so far recorded on Volanta and Excel.


Continuing the world tour into Canada. No idea where I’m going but I guess that’s the idea… right?!

Departure from KPQI.
Arrival into CYQB (Quebec): an inverted river?

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And we’re back for the continuation! JFK up next.