New bOard Means New CPU - Intel Or Ryzen

So, Doing a flight simulator as well as streaming on the same system. Intel or Ryzen? which one? Not about getting the best for the sim but rather getting the best that can stream also.

The card that I will be using is a 1660TI also to Future proof so that I can upgrade the CPU in the future and not worry about spending more cash to replace the board.

Ryzen! I’d recommend a 5600X or a 5800X!

You should be doing google internet searches for deciding on hardware like a CPU, to get more professional reviews and comparisons. All you’re going to get here is opinions.

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I have, it’s still right in the middle so far. Some say Intel or others say Ryzen. So far the 10th Gen is the best on the market for gaming. However, Ryzen 5000 series is coming out soon

Wait until November 5th. That is the end of the review embargo for Ryzen 5000 series processors.

I just went through the same process, Ryzen was cheaper, and more available through local retailers. I managed to get complimenting peripherals , mb, ram etc, so Ryzen was a no brained, even though every built pc review for flight simming says go intel ( that I read).

At least you know what I’m feeling in the last week. I had many people saying Intel for gaming and getting extra FPS or Ryzen that has just as more cores and just as better.

So far that Ryzen 5000 series sounds like it will beat over Intel and what I hear that AM4 is ending and the 5000 series is the last, and they looking at doing AM5 from 2021. So futureproofing with next-gen CPU might not be what I think it is then. At Least it’s PCI-E 4 supported.

Intel 10th gen CPU what I hear that it offers more cores and threads but then all cores are not able to go to 5.1ghz or the first two cores do and the other cores are at 4.8ghz. However still powers for gaming than Ryzen does. And the new 1200 boards do have the new PCI-E 4 but have to wait till 11th gen CPU to have that support. Sounds like the New 1200 boards has 10th and 11th support.

Then for overclocking the Intel systems have better stability with the RAM, particularly when overclocking.

I have seen some streamers has 9900K then others have 3900X and so mixed again.

Ryzen 5000 series. Just wait two more weeks (nov5th) for the reviews

Most people are saying to wait.

If you keep waiting for the next upgrade you will never get on… jump in!!!