New buttkicker gamer pro + gamer plus announced

Just noticed 2 new upgraded buttkicker products have been announced:

ButtKicker Gamer PLUS | Haptic Transducer with Power Amplifier – ButtKicker Haptics
ButtKicker Gamer PRO | More Powerful Haptic Transducer w/ Power Amplifier – ButtKicker Haptics

Slightly annoying for me as I purchased the gamer 2 (at high UK price) just 2 months ago, hopefully this stops others doing the same!


For flight Sim, I don’t think you need the new ones, and the price is double of what I paid two years ago. $139 where the new ones cost $279

I can say they do stand behind their products even years past their warranties. I got three hooked up to my sim and can’t fly without it.

I have an older one, and I like the idea behind them, but for me I got frustrated with the large cables that have to run from your chair to the amplifier. Constantly stepping on them or hitting them with the chair wheels. Mine also buzzed when the various chair adjustment levers vibrated so I had to wrap them to quiet it down.

On the gamer 2 at least, it comes with a quick-release plug so the unit can be unplugged when not in use. Agreed it could be annoying to have a model without this feature.

I have been really enjoying using the BK in VR and it feels really strange to fly without it now - As soon as I start moving down the runway my brain flags there is something missing !

I hooked up Buttkicker Plus , I think I have it installed half way right,It works untill I switch over to VR mode then the vibration stops and go’s to sound in my HP Reverb Headset. Anyone, have a fix for this ?

Not a current user myself, but when I did it took input from the sound card. Does the Reverb have its own sound? Perhaps the sound switching to your headset breaks the BK.

Rather have this transducer/amp combo,

I own it, and I use SimShaker for Aviators to drive the two aura pro’s for a left and right channel, one mounted under each butt cheek.)

Cheapest / best way is to just buy two Aura Pro transducers and use an old home theater or car amp if you have one. Better yet, buy 4 transducers and use an old HT amp so you can have 4 effects channels.

Do you have sim shaker for aviators? Plus you’ll need an external usb sound card. Very cheap off Amazon.

Unless my unit dies, I will not be upgrading. The early versions of the original Buttkicker failed due to a faulty power switching module. I had one that failed after around two months from new.


These upgrades are not available to the UK yet.
I tried ordering one from US but they refuse to ship it.
You can preorder one but it’s not released for UK until end of August.
I guess I will get a gamer 2 then…