New Computer so will MS let me re download to new Computer?

Well I tried on my rig but just not good enough for me so I’m going to get a premium rig. with that said, has anyone had experience with MS letting you re-install the software on a new machine? I know there is a way to move it to another hard drive on the same computer, and I could put that HD in the new computer but I’d like a fresh install on the completely new machine.

Can install on multiple computers but only use one at a time as it is linked to your account.

You’re lucky if you can run it on one machine… let alone multiple machines! :joy:


Yes, I’ve already done this! I installed on a first computer that couldn’t quite run MSFS. But it’s fully installed. Got a second, pc, setup it all up with my MS account and installed without problem. This is the same way it will work with Xbox. You just need to be signed in with the account you purchased with.

Thank you that works, new rig on the way.

:rofl: I’m hoping with the new rig it will help with the stress

Wait till you fly into a thunderstorm :slight_smile:

Can you copy the folder from you old computer on to an external hd then put it on your new computer or do you have to re download the game. thanks

Yes you can. You only have to copy the large folder (onestore) which is about 90gb on my rig. Launch FS on the new rig and when it starts writing files to that folder cancel it, copy over your saved data, re-launch and hey presto.

thanks very much

Can you tell me where the saved files are please?
I am unable to save control profiles and want to see where they go. Thank you.

I was told control profiles are saved to the cloud and in my experience that certainly seems to be the case. After installing to a new pc the controller changes were there. After making further changes and checking on my other machine they appeared there too.

Thank you but pardon my ignorance. How do I access them? I.e what is the path?

Thank you
New machine and works fine

Thank you
New machine and works fine, I appreciate the help