New DLSS 3.1.30

new version from 27-07-2023 - DLSS 3.1.30

can someone test it and share opinion in VR ?

What is your opinion?

I don’t have an opinion, that’s why I’m asking others who make changes to the DLSS version

I just pressed paste. My hours in the sim are low, so I’ll plan to reserve any comment unless something is glaringly different. I’m probably to new to discern anything from the change.

If you already have a 4000 series card, it might be quicker if you just try it yourself. Though I’ve just read in another thread someone, who has not provided any proof, have got DLSS 3 working on a 2070.

Another related thread I found:

Looks like it may have issues, so perhaps it’s worth holding off testing it for now.

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Don’t mistake version number 3.x.y with DLSS 3 frame generation feature which BTW does not work In VR.

Is there some point in not just getting this in the newest driver package? I’m getting it now… I’ll try to remember to report back if I see any difference.

Edit: Scratch that, it only works on 40 series and mine’s a 30!

As someone else mentioned, it seems like it’d be a lot easier for you to just try it yourself. Just because someone else sees (or does not see) a difference doesn’t mean you will or will not. At least that’s my experience :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that I was. :blush:

There are those who won’t dare to try things themselves in case it breaks their sim, even though they can just swap driver versions back. In their mind they have FUD, or Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

What if reverting it doesn’t put it back the way it was.
What if it breaks my sim, and reverting leads to permanent frame loss.

Far simpler to ask others to step on a mine. :wink:


sure but there are plenty people anyway who try everything out right away, why not ask them if it’s better? I’m happy with my version, as long as there aren’t people shouting leckmiamoaschisdesgeil I won’t change my running system either :sweat_smile:

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That’s true. The adventurous ones carry us forward.

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I installed it and it runs just fine. No issues.
Seems to be less ghosting and a tad sharper.
Runnng RTX 3080Ti

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This sim is running DLSS 2.x, correct? It would be up to the developers to take advantage of the DLSS 3.x features, no? It’s good that it’s backward compatible, but unless the features in 2.x are significantly improved in 3.x, you will have to wait for the devs to roll up their sleeves to see real improvements.
The programming guide.

The sim uses version 2.4 as standard. Sim uses the file that it finds. It’s just to download the version 3.1 and replace the file and the sim will use 3.1. There is no rewrite of sim code needed to use 3.1.
Same thing with all ganes.

3080 cannot take advantage of 3 so presumably nothing changed. Nvidia says only 40 series work with it. (I have a 2nd Gen 3080 myself)

Here works fine. Rtx4070ti

DLSS 3.1.30 is NOT anything other than a version number. Mode 3 is Frame Gen which requires a RTX4XXX but RTX3XXX can run DLSS 3.1.30 for standard upscaling.

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correct, but MSFS use now version 2.4 and 3.1.30 is NOT only the number but new version DLSS with changes from NVIDIA. I dont speak about Mode3 .

You’re confusing DLSS 3 vs DLSS 2 with version/update number 3.1.
DLSS 2 version number 3.1 works with all RTX cards (includong 3XXX series).


Tried DLSS 3.1.30 with DX11 MSFS [VR] and found that it introduced jitters to the imagery. I’ll caveat that by saying I upgraded to Nvidia 536.67 at the same time though.