New Feature: Mark as Solution

The Original Poster and Staff will now be able to mark a reply as the solution in the ‘General Discussion and Feedback’ section and the ‘Bugs and Issues’ section.

If you create a thread and someone provides an answer, here is how to mark it as a solution:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the topic that helped you solve your issue.

  2. Click ‘Solution’ to mark it as the solution.

  3. It now shows up in green here:

  4. In the original post, the solution is now pinned to the message.


What about threads themselves providing information being be a solution for someone? How can those be marked as a “solution”? Or is the new vote system and linking to said thread the only way of showing it’s effectiveness across the forum? Thanks for info :wink:

We have introduced the vote system as a way to gauge community support for specific topics within the #self-service:bugs-issues and #self-service:wishlist categories. In these categories, you can view the most voted for items, for example, this is the current top-voted bugs list.

The solution module is enabled in #self-service:bugs-issues and #community:general-discussion-feedback and allows the moderation team and original poster to highlight a specific reply if it answers a question.

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