New forum sub area for IFR please?

I’d recommend a new area for IFR under the flying main group, as there really needs to be a separate area for those of us focused on IFR flying using this sim.



Totally agree. There should be at least a server for players just wanting to fly around and a monitored server for IFR and serious pilots. I hate planes flying into me or spawning on the runway etc. The IFR/Serious server should be monitored at all times and banning people from that specific server who purposely try to ruin it. This other serious server will hopefully have Real ATC people in it too :smiley: Can’t wait for that.


I was unaware people could spawn anywhere else except the apron; that’s rife for trouble and aggravation. I can’t see why this wasn’t foreseen?!

I will talk with the rest of my team and our supervisor. I will let you know what happens.


Thank you.

I have talked to my team. Are you looking for an area for IFR discussions, or an IFR guide in our #guides:new-pilot-help-guides section?

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Discussion. Where we can talk about how the sim handles IFR, and tips or helpful stuff, as well as how best to use this sim for IFR.

I imagine others will chime in with IFR type questions, but primarily I see this as a seperate section where people who want to use this sim as a pro trainer / recurrency sim can talk about the aspects of that.

I hope that’s clearer.

If not, please allow me to try again.

Hello @Nyx1819 Any news? It would really help out the community if we could have an IFR sub forum under the ‘FLYING’ sub forum.

Any update?

Hi sorry for the delay, I have had a busy few days. I’m hoping to have some sort of decision today, but in the meantime, I have gone and created the following tags:

They can be applied to any post across the forums, and be applied by anyone who reaches Trust Level 3, or by the user who creates a topic assuming they have reached TL1.

You can view all posts across the forums that have the tags IFR/VFR (click the links above), or you can use the filters when looking at the flying category to look at the posts with those tags only in that category.


That’s not very transparent or user-friendly.

On Windows 10 Pro 2004, using Microsoft Edge browser, you can’t even scroll down the list of tags to discover new ones, only the ones that appear at the top are visible. So when I typed VFR or IFR they appeared, but yet again, this isnt visible or user friendly and most importantly can’t be a hub for players, simmers and real life pilots who fly this sim using IFR only.

May I ask why the resistance to having an IFR child under the FLYING parent?

You have one for ATC, surely you can appreciate that a separate area for people to talk about IFR stuff is much more visible and easy to use, than tags that I doubt even 5% of the currently active users are either aware of or use.

I’ll request again, please can we have an IFR group under the FLYING group. Thanks

I agree. Add a IFR child under FLYING

What IFR ? :japanese_ogre:

As of right now, we will be assessing new categories a bit later down the road once we get a clear picture of where everyone tends to post, but please feel free to bookmark this link for easy access to any threads tagged with IFR:

Can you please reconsider the delay and add an IFR area under the FLYING section, because people don’t know about the IFR tag and they aren’t using it.

I pointed out at the time this was suggested that it was a terrible idea that wouldn’t catch on - especially as no one knows about it.

Please add the IFR section.

Thank you.