New FPS Issue (FBW A32nx)

Hi all. I only fly the FBW A320 usually around Europe and the USA.

I have had a new FPS Issue which started since the Australia update.

When I start the flight there are no issues, however when I arrive at my destination, shut down the engines and start the turn around I get a sudden drop of about 20fps (from 40 to about 19/20). If I continue the turn around and return journey, about 3 mins after takeoff the FPS pick up and hit 50 ish at cruise. The same will then happen after shut down at the next airport.

The length of flight seemingly makes no difference.

This is different to the reported issue of sudden loss of FPS after a few hours regardless of the stage of flight.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or the same issue?

Hi @CapitalArt96792,

As your post is about issues with 3rd party content, I’ve moved your topic to the #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft category which is more appropriate :+1:


You may be interested in this post.
It talks about the same issue.

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