New G2 Problem

So I just got my new G2. Have had the Q2 for awhile but going to send it back as I can still return it. Anyway the G2 was fine and got into the sim with the settings I had which was working pretty good in the Q2. I went to my local airport and went into VR mode. All seemed pretty good except details were a little low so I figured I’d have to go out and change a few things. When i click on the CTRL TAB the computer went into this slow locked up mode. Took forever to get back into settings where it was almost impossible to change anything because my computer was so lugged down. So decided to quit the sim and then restarted it. Went back to my local airport, then went into my settings and moved down some things. Went into Vr mode and it looked a little better. So decided to go back out of VR into settings again but it locked up into the very slow mode as if my desktop is in this over stressed mode. Finally had to quit sim again. Tried a couple more times but the same. It seems to be fine at first by changing settings and then go flying flipping it into VR mode. All works well. It’s just when i try to exit the VR mode it goes into this locked up computer lugging mode. Not sure why this is going on … The Q2 I was using never had an issue like this. Are my computer settings too high in desktop mode or in the VR settings

Try closing the Windows Mixed Reality portal *the house on the cliff interface) after you exit VR.


In pancake it does the same if you switch away via KVM to another PC and back again. Total freeze for a minute or so, then comes back and is totally fine. New feature introduced with WU4.