New G3X Amazing - How to add to other planes?

Hey all!

I’m absolutely in love with the new G3X overhaul (needs round gauge option added though :stuck_out_tongue: ). It very closely matches the real thing in my flight training planes. I really want to be able to use this overhauled version in my other G3X aircraft in the sim (specifically the Bristell B23 and Sting S4).

There’s a fantastic mod already up that adds the new G3X to the RV-14 (SWS Vans RV-14 G3X Replacement for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS). I looked through the files but beyond changing the panel.cfg file path from AS3XTouch to NavSystems/G3XTouch/G3XTouch.html, I can’t figure out the panel.xml and interior.xml changes. Does anyone know what I would need to do to make a mod that does this, or a way to make this work?

Thanks so much for any and all help!

Wow, dude was lightening fast to get that mod out, thanks for the tip.

The individual devs will update their aircraft I’m sure. WT may even provide a linker by the time SU15 releases proper like we got for the GNS. Any mods will likely be redundant in reasonably short order.

Unfortunately the G3X (as in real life) is too customizable and requires much more wiring to be able to assume any reasonable defaults for a plane without it built in. As such, we will not be offering any Marketplace bridge package for the G3X.

Documentation for setting up the G3X is available here: G3X `panel.xml` Basics | MSFS Avionics Frameworks and Instruments


I figured it wouldn’t be a drop-kick in installation. The G3X is kind of a catch-all ‘glass’ cockpit for small manufacturers and kit builders and retrofits, seems like it’s different in every aircraft it’s installed in.

I take it this unit will be able to be implemented but with custom configurations by 3rd party though?

I still think the VSI on the tape is a wee bit too small, although all tapes are miserable in bush/aerobatic/helicopters/amphibious aircraft when you’re not just puttering up to a predetermined altitude at a predetermined rate. Wish Garmin would give an option for a Dynon-like VSI in one of the lower corners. It’s still hard to read, even when blown up to exact 1:1 size representation of the cockpit on a 55". Meanwhile, there’s always massive voids on the screen where more readable data could be(per the real Garmin), you’d think a font increase would of been done at some point rather than wasted space.

I’m not sure how anyone can read it on a 30" monitor without a full pop-out.

It’s miles better than the old, but also think there’s still a bit too much glare on it, particularly due to so many aircraft that use them having bubble canopies. The old version is absolutely miserable mid-day. Even if the value is a ‘reflection’(heh) of the actual screen finish IRL, I would think a little cheat over to the side of best visibility would help.

If I’m not mistaken didn’t the G1000 change over make all aircraft use the new version upon its release. It obviously also has a custom EIS so why is this rollout different?

It did not, no. During beta, the opt-in Marketplace package did overwrite everything (only if you installed it), but included special panel.xml files for the sim default aircraft. Once it was out of beta, it was installed individually in each default aircraft and the AS1000 was not removed. Everything that still referenced the old AS1000 remained, most especially for third parties. Third parties were required to update their aircraft if they wanted to use the NXi by default and use any of the more advanced aircraft specific features, such as plugins and system/lean page customization.

In addition, the existing AS1000 panel.xml.tags were sufficient to model the initial release aircraft and were carried over to the NXi. However, the existing G3X is not the same in this regard, as it doesn’t currently have nearly the tags required to build and configure the EIS as well as all the other systems wiring in the new G3X.


Thx for the explanation on the differences. Makes sense.