New Geforce driver finally fixes stuttering in VR!

Now we finally can update to the latest and greatest…

And YES - it’s real - it’s even in the release notes! :heart_eyes:


I agree, it’s really solid now.

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Which version? 471.11?

Yes was just about to confirm.


BTW I don’t use Steam and it’s fine using the MS version from the Store.

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Interesting! Will check it out later once I have the time. Do you have a link to the patchnotes?

NVidia is also strongly recommending the Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 which resolves a number of gaming and VR issues at the OS level.


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didn’t know that. Thanx!

It would be nice if everyone wrote what GPU card they use, when they are satisfied or not with the new driver :wink:


Ahhhh… Wow.

Getting higher AVG frame rates even in heavy areas like New York and what amazes me, is even when I get low 20’s it’s still flyable.

Did a fresh install with stock nvidia settings. I will apply the known nvidia settings suggestion later tonight and see if I get further improvement.

10700k , 3070, 32gb Ram.
Quest 2 72hz @ 1.3 , OTT asw off fov .72*.75
Hags on game mode off, virtualisation off (bios)


Also try windows update KB5003690

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Game changer this is for me in VR. Get both windows and driver updates :slight_smile:
Microsoft Store install


Trying now :slight_smile:

Where in the notes ?

[Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game while any GPU
hardware monitoring tool is running in the background

Thanks thats great👍

HAGS and/or Game mode on or off this time?

“[Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game while any GPU
hardware monitoring tool is running in the background. [3152190]”

That’s not ingame stuttering at all…it says upon launching and only when hardware monitoring tool is running in background…sorry but it’s not fixed. I don’t have the stuttering issue because I now have a 5600x, reverb G2 and a RTX 3080 which is the main reason people gets performance issues.

I had all that stuttering before upgrading from my old AMD 2700, rtx 1070 and Quest 2. Also, a lot of people have malwares running in background and it causes stutters as well. I had this problem too.

There’s no miracles, it’s a demanding game.


MSFS is not a Steam VR game for those of us that use the Reverb G2 with the WMR runtime. I’m curious if there are any improvements for us G2 users. For now, I’m sticking with good ol’ faithful 457.30.

i79700, 3080, 32 GB RAM, NVMe drive for the game, Reverb G2.

I’ve been on 457.30 forever. 477.11 is a massive improvement for me. Significantly smoother, and even ended up giving me additional overhead that I was able to bump up a few things in graphics settings for VR.

Seriously, give 477.11 a shot.